Getting a Loan?

  • What happens if one of you is PAYG and the other Self Employed?
  • Which option is better for you?
  • Which option would suit both income scenarios?
  • Are there defaults?
  • Other debts?
  • What if the valuation returns comes in higher or lower than anticipated?


Let me take the headaches out of getting the right home loan for your circumstances.


No two loans are alike – We look at all the positive aspects of your loan application before we recommend a borrower to suit you.


Car loans are handy when you need a new car and don’t have enough cash to buy it outright.


Take the guess work out of your research, and use our free online calculators, no opt-in required!

Here at Orica Financial Services, we are different from other brokers because we look at every positive aspect of your loan application before we make a recommendation on how you should move forward with your loan application.

There is no need to guess, call as at Orica today and we will help you with your loan application.

**Save time and money**

Loans are simple right?


1. You submit your details to a lender

2. You cross your fingers that a product fits your needs

3. You make a formal application and you’re done…


Except it’s never that simple, is it?


Low Fixed Rates
(Credit Suite – Comparison 4.56%
Interest Rate from 4.39%)

Unlimited Cash Out Alt Doc*
No Risk Fee up to 70% LVR
Two out of:   BAS, Trading Statement
or Accountants Letter

We work out a plan to suit you!


The Ultimate Alt Doc
Same Rate for O/O & INV

Comp. Rate 5.18% From 4.94%

Suitable for self-employed borrowers
that are looking for a flexible low rate product.

With an Alt Doc rate that has
no contenders & NO LMI to 70% LVR;
there’s a reason we call it
The Ultimate Alt Doc Loan!


INV purchases up to 95% LVR

I/O Up to 10 Yrs Available

Overseas borrower options

Multiple Servicing Calculators

We’ve approved loans that others have declined!

There is an endless list of variables that could
(and often do) change during the application process;
turning a simple loan into a complicated scenario.

Yes We Can Help You With Non-Conforming Loans

Lending Special

Ran out of money part way through a construction

Finance Scenario – Incomplete Construction (land value only)

The borrower could be a Self-employed traddie who did not have up to date tax returns but had a clear credit file.

He commenced building a house with the proceeds of sale of another house, not realising that he would be unable to obtain finance with an incomplete residence as security.

He was able to secure an advance of 75% of unencumbered land value as a cash-out to complete construction.

This could then be refinanced into a standard home loan.

Please note that lending policy, fees & charges apply

Credit Impaired Loans

Good for getting you out of trouble, consolidating debt and lowering your monthly repayments

Unlimited arrears & defaults

Tax returns and full income disclosure

Borrowing up to 80% of the value of the residential property

Rates from 6.60% to 8.60% interest rate


Please note that lending policy, fees & charges apply

Can Orica Financial Services Help You Today?  
We think so…

Orica Financial Services can help you with:
 Purchase or refinance
 First home owners
 Owner occupied and investment properties
 Vacant land

Cash out for:
 For personal use
 For business purposes Debt consolidation
 Consolidate unlimited number of debts
 Payout of ATO debt
 Pay out private or solicitor debts

Clients with:
 Past defaults (paid or unpaid)
 Part IX or X debt agreements
 Discharged bankrupt (one day)
 Mortgage arrears
 Late payments on credit / mortgages
 Refused credit from their bank or another lender


Clients welcome who are: 
 Newly employed
 Newly self-employed (12 months ABN accepted)
 Tax returns not completed (alternative income documentation accepted)
 Failed to meet Lenders Mortgage Insurance requirements
 Have ‘non genuine savings’
 No credit scoring
 No third party mortgage insurance approval required
 Manual assessment of each application

Types of income considered:
 PAYG income
 Self Employed Income
 Full time / part time / casual / second job
 80% rental income
 Family payments – Part A and B
 Child support
 Centrelink income
 Pension
 Workers compensation

NB: Lending criteria, assessment, terms & conditions applies

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