Business Loans are simple right?

You submit your details, hope that a product fits your needs, send in an application and you’re done… except it’s never that simple, is it?

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Here at Orical Financial Services we prepare and lodge all types of business loans including:


Business Purchase Loans
Business Refinance Loans
Business Overdrafts
Equipment Finance Loans
Building and Development Finance

Assets other than the family home can be used to borrow against


Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Orica Financial Services we offer a full service to our financial customers and often deal with customers who would not normally qualify for a loan from banks due to their current income source.

But at Orica we work harder for our valued customers, and we also have great relationships with many other residential and business lenders and finance companies. With access to hundreds of loans, options and solutions, we can provide you with a custom solution to suit nearly any situation.

Each loan is discussed and planned on a case-by-case basis with the aim of sourcing the best loan for our customers situation, whether through a traditional large bank or a special lender.

We handle all of our clients with options.

What kind of clients do you work with?

We work with businesses, home owners and employed people.

What is your turn around time?

Depending on the customer loan requirements, we can have a loan lodged within 7 days.

Do you work after hours?

Sometimes our team have to work after hours, and if you need some help after hours, please contact us.

100% Business Loan Options


100% LVR up to $1m for residential property

80% commercial property up to $1m

Business purposes and/or cash out ok

Low Doc options available

Rate for risk – very competitive rates

Lending assessment and criteria applies


70% lite doc loans for any worthwhile purpose up to $2m

70% SMSF purchase or refinance up to $2m

70% commercial cash out for any worthwhile purpose up to $2m

Commercial Construction 70% up to 6 units in Metro Melbourne

Low Doc Business Loan

Borrow up to $1m in business finance if you have residential or commercial property by simply declaring your financial results and providing a recent BAS statement

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